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The World Nationalist Order is founded on the principle of God given rights, equality of rights, freedom of religion, property rights, voluntary collaboration, self-education, racial solidarity, altruism, generosity and gratitude.

While freedom is derived from equal God given rights, that does not mean that members of the community are not bound by certain rules because of property rights. The World Nationalist Order is organized in a very different way than most people are used to. It is the private property of one individual. As such it is owned completely by one man and unlike corporations men have God given rights which basically makes the order sovereign and the owner a king. It is his kingdom and he gets to decide what it's going to be. It is important to note that it is not setup this way so that the king can be a tyrannical asshole. It is setup this way so that no tyrannical asshole can tell the king what to do and thus it enables him to be in a position able to offer protection to others. The king cannot violate anyone's God given rights but what he can do is aggregate resources and talent voluntarily contributed and allocate them where needed throughout the kingdom. The king has vested interest in his kingdom becoming the greatest it can be and will thus reward the people who assist him in making his vision a reality with position of leadership and responsibility. This means that the leadership of the kingdom will be merit based and not democratic. Leadership duties will be bestowed on the people who demonstrate competent aptitude for it. Under democracy people end up led by the best sweet talkers and snake oil salesmen and we've all seen how easy it is to manipulate the masses through the media. This is not going to happen here. The WNO is designed to prevent exactly that and the king will not allow his creation to be destroyed by charlatans and parasites.

The king is a creative artist and with your help is going to create a masterpiece. We are going to create micro-nations as prototypes with the highest technology possible but rooted in ancient classical aesthetics and in harmony with nature. Our buildings and structures will be practical, artistic and beautiful. We are not interested in recreating the past, we are going to create a future our ancestors would be proud of.

Angelic City

Since the order is just starting, the king is really the king of nothing at the moment. He has made his intentions clear but what the king can do depends entirely on the voluntary actions of people like you. If no one see merit in the project and do not wish to participate and contribute then the project won't happen or simply happen in a minuscule scale. This project is a proposition to the people of the world. Do you wish to remain in a system that treats you like cattle or do you want to help create an alternative?

Basically, the plan is to unite the many people who stand in opposition to the agenda of the New World Order into one hub entity and take advantage of the mass purchasing power of a crowd in order to create a financial powerhouse able to acquire, back or support worthy projects that would improve the kingdom and serve the interest of it's communities. For example, on his own the king can not buy a large plot of land or an abandoned city or island but many of us together, each contributing a marginal amount to a single pile can add up to a gigantic pile real quick and this can be repeated several times. With enough people we can generate millionaires within a day if we want. Let's check the math of that just for fun...

20,000 people x $50.00 = $1 Million
40,000 people x $25.00 = $1 Million
80,000 people x $12.50 = $1 Million

Now 100k is really the sweet spot here
100,000 people x $10 = $1 Million

How many times can we do this in a month at this level? $10 is cheaper than a pizza and we get 1 mil to play with each time. We can start buying some considerable plots of land with that. If we keep going we can buy farms, houses, building materials, tools, vehicles etc... and we can hire the talented people of our community and those neglected and rejected for refusing the mark of the Beast. This is how we get ourselves out of this mess. All of us acting as one and I propose the World Nationalist Order as a vehicle to achieve that. This kind of financial powerhouse is what the resistance has always lacked and we know the enemy certainly has their own.

We see that the governments of the world are engaging in treasonous activities against their own people and that there is a political and economic agenda being implemented via their complicity to the bio-terrorism of the international bankers. Upon further analysis we come to the realization that there is a rather tiny percentage of the population that actually voted for the elected puppets and that in many countries the non-voters are the actual majority. We seek to fully utilize our freedom of assembly and association rights and establish a new society with a culture of national solidarity where people freely help and elevate each other within the community. This means that the subjects of the kingdom will be encouraged to learn new knowledge and skills and teach them to others who they think would benefit from the knowledge or skill. It has become pretty obvious that there are no saviors coming as most of them have been revealed to be controlled opposition so we must thus help ourselves.

The first milestone to reach and the most important one is the acquisition of a substantial plot of land so that we may begin building our first micro-nation. Ideally we'd like to acquire a large undeveloped plot of land and build it all from scratch or maybe buy a ghost town and start from there or buy an island somewhere. It all really depends on how much support we get. Once land is acquired and we begin building, we will record our progress and stream it online for all to see. We will share our experience and teach what we learn and know. Once the place is livable and sustainable, we will begin inviting more people to join us who are interested in living the pioneer lifestyle to come live and build with us and then we will acquire more land and build other micro-nation all over the world.

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Knight Oath

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Let's fix this broken world!

Together, Everyone Achieves More.

With Gratitude,


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"A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins." ~Benjamin Franklin